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Easy Steps to Configure Netgear Router

Netgear is on the top list to provide the fastest wireless router. It meets the growing demands of users for home networking. Configuration of Netgear allows a user with existing internet Service Provider to fix issues related with network connectivity. Do you have any idea of configuring it? Don’t worry; here are the detailed steps to do this.

To Setup a Router for Cable Internet Connection with Smart Wizard, do the Following:

  • Connect the modem to the internet port of NETGEAR via an Ethernet cable.
  • Now, connect the computer to any of four LAN ports via second Ethernet cable.
  • Switch off all the devices i.e. computer, router and the modem and then turn them on again. Wait until they complete booting up.
  • Open any web browser and enter or into the address bar and hit Enter key.
  • Now, enter the default admin username and the default password to enter into the Netgear router. If the default username and password doesn’t work then you might have changed in the previous days. Type new secret keys otherwise, you can do a factory reset.
  • Select Setup Wizard on the left hand side and then click Yes when prompted to diagnose the internet connection.
  • Continue the process by clicking on Next button and then again Next to save the settings.
  • Now, check the internet connection by selecting Router Status under Maintenance option.

For additional troubleshooting, users can reach us for necessary help. We are third-party service providers for Netgear and can help you in managing the network configuration, rectifying downtime issues, sharing a file from one location to another and to do many more tasks related to it.

To approach us, you just need to dial Netgear Support Contact Number 1-800-958-237. Customer who is bounded by such failures can call us anytime to avail relevant help from our experts and professionals. For more details, you can visit our website where you will get the answers of many queries related to this. Also, drop us an email or have a live chat session with our online agents to clear your issues.

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